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About our company

Holeki nv is a semi-industrial wholesale bakery that specialises in producing cakes.
We offer a wide range of high-quality cakes that we supply fresh or frozen: ready to use and with an artisanal character.

Holeki inspires and creates endless possibilities: our individual cakes, round tarts or pastries, pre-sliced where required and available in all sizes and weights,. They are a favourite taste for fine gourmets of all kinds.

Our traditional quality, combined with modern production methods and excellent service create a unique added value for our cakes and tarts so that we are able to ensure the satisfaction of thousands of consumers day in day out.


Holeki produces quality.
This quality is not just translated into our products, but also into our service.

By making a priority of meeting the wishes of our customers, we are able to provide the quality they expect from us.

It is only possible to improve quality by constantly making adjustments, not just during production but also in the administration and distribution processes.

Each and every one of us at Holeki feels motivated at all times to maintain and improve this quality.

Product quality starts with the strict selection of raw materials. Before finalising purchases we assess our suppliers and test raw materials.

Finest From Belgium

Finest From Belgium

1' companies, each expert in their gourmet range, have joined forces to offer you the finest. A true selection of ex- quisite delicatessen and food ingredients, ready to prepare excellent food creations. Your customer’s senses will be thrilled with our tasteful and top-quality products. Bon appétit !


Holeki audits quality.
1996 marked the introduction of the Hazard Analyses and Critical Control Points (HACCP) concept for the production of raw bakery materials.
The HACCP concept describes all the measures taken for systematic and risk-conscious quality control throughout each stage of production. It also describes the systematic methods for identifying critical control points for risky procedures or production stages.

The objective is to audit and control these points so that we eliminate practically any health risks to consumers.

ISO 22000 & IFS

HOLEKI owns quality.

ISO 22000 is a standard for food safety that is accepted around the world. The requirements of 22000 include the following elements:

  • interactive communication
  • basic conditions program
  • HACCP principles
  • system management

HOLEKI has had a BRC certificate, A level since 2008.

HOLEKI has had an ISO 22000 certificate since 2012.

Since 2013 HOLEKI has also IFS certificate.

Click here to download our current certificate.